SÜDKURIER, Constance 11/8/99

(Carsten Radtke )... one of the leading and first class guitarists of our time.


...(Carsten Radtke)... convincing .....

MÜNCHENER MERKUR, Munich 11/5/99

... if jazz is good music, so that ( a contrast music / Carte Blanche) is jazz .... enthusiasm arises and breaks out in raving applause ...
..curiousity is created by the trio's individuality without leaving the audience alone in the thin air of artificial sound acrobatics.

MÜNCHENER MERKUR, Munich 10/29/98

... East Of Mainstream .
...(A Contrast Music with Carmen Cano/voc) stands out against the mainstream of the international jazz scene .
... (Radtke) demonstrates his impressing skills ...

LAUDATION, City of Constance Art Award, Michael Schwering 11/7/99

...he deals completely with all the possibilties of the instrument, shows absolute command and moves to the edge of the realizable.
...a major part of the process to realize this work (Berio's Sequenza X) is to create new skills and to master them. Radtke succeded in this task masterly .

WNYC Radio, New York 1/10/2000

Carsten Radtke is a talented guitarist whose music has appeared on WNYC's music programming several times in the past.His recent performances include some of the most challenging works in all guitar literature, most notably the Sequenza for guitar by Luciano Berio and recent works from the long- established American avant- garde composer Mario Davidovsky.

His recordings show him to be a technically first-rate performer and an insightful and creative programmer and interpreter.

John Schaefer , Executive Producer , Music Programming


I find Carsten Radtke's musical works to be on the verge of a hallucinating traveling escapade into familiar yet foreign territory with a touch of counter point shifts. In collaboration and solo, Radtke has a exemplary command of his instrument and prose without killing the playful intuition that many artists appear to lose by adolescence. One of my favorite pieces which takes the same risk on the "A Contrast Music" CD, is called "Jungle & Song." One might find at listening to Carsten Radtke's guitar works the sense of a high flu fever without the deadly symptoms associated with the virus. The 'A Contrast Music' CD includes works in collaboration with Andreas Bauer and Gunther Basmann. In several solos Radtke expresses a broad range of skills and genre with just the right balance between confidence and fragility performed on the edge of chance. He possesses athletic musical muscle with the grace of a highly skilled archer. I can only imagine the energy field a live performance by Radtke would create.

steve bradley, artistic director; art@radio WMBC Baltimore